Esports Federation of India: History and Future of E-sports

E-sports is becoming popular among the youth. Popularity of E-sports is getting higher then Cricket. Seeing this a federation was formed called Esports Federation of India

Esports federation of india

What is Esports federation of india?

Esports Federation of India or ESFI is the esports governing body for esports in India. The organization was founded in 2017, with an aim to promote esports and esports tournaments in India.

ESFI has been working on creating a sustainable ecosystem for esports players by building infrastructure, providing support to gamers at all levels, developing competitive events and establishing relationships with international partners.

The Esports Federation of India (ESFI) is the country's first ever esports federation which was formed in December 2017 with an objective to make esports more popular among people across the country.

ESFI has been trying hard since its inception to help create a sustainable ecosystem for budding gamers by building infrastructure, promoting esports competitions amongst other things.

What is E-Sports?

E-Sports stands for Electronic Sports. E-Sports is a general term for organized, multiplayer video game competitions.

These games are often between professional players. They compete in tournaments to win prize money and fame .

People watch these gaming competitions on TV or online through live streaming services like Twitch, YouTube, Loco, and many other places.

Many of the most popular e-sports games are Role playing games or team-based strategy games like "Pubg", "Freefire", "Call of Duty ", "League of Legends" and "Overwatch."

Esports are growing in popularity.

Who is the Director of Esports Federation of India?

Mr. Lokesh Suji is the current Director of Esports Federation of India also known as ESFI.

What matters a lot in E-sports?

What matters a lot are the skills of players of the team. Other thing which matters a lot is the Synergy between the players , how they coordinate. IGLing also matters a lot, how he is giving out the calls and also decision taking skills.

PROS of Esports

- Organized Esports tournaments can motivate gamers to keep playing

- Gamers earn fame and money

- Esports help connect gamers across the world.

CONS of Esports

- There is no pension or insurance for gamers who lose their passion for Esports.

- A lot of time that needs to be invested in Esports. Time cannot be wasted on Esports it has to be utilised wisely .


E-Sports has been growing rapidly since its inception in India. As the youth of the country is more inclined towards technology , e-sports will grow exponentially among them . We all need to help promote this sport instead of looking at it with negative eyes but we need to understand the nitty-gritties about Esports in order to make it a successful sport in India. Esports will play a huge role to connect gamers across the world which is also one of the positive points of Esports. Esports will not only enhance our skills but will unite us all.

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