Major changes of PUBG PC in update 14.2

A new update has come in PUBG PC. Many new changes have been done. We will tell you the major changes that will take place in 14.2 update.


New Weapon 


New Weapon Mortar has been added in the game. Once you loot this weapon, it will take the primary weapon slot. It will deployed on the flat surfaces on the map. It cannot be deployed on cement, iron, concrete, water, or wooden floors, or inside buildings.

The character crouches automatically once the firing mode gets activated.

The character cannot move until the firing is stopped.

This weapon can be used in Normal Matches , Custom Matches.


New Weapon M79 has been added in the game.

It is a smoke laucher for creating quick smokes. You know how important the smoke is. It can be used for providing cover, blinding your enemies and escaping from the unwinable fights.

When you pick up this weapon it will take the pistol slot. 

Person in driver seat of a vehicle cannot use this weapon at that moment. 

With this gun comes a new ammo 40mm Smoke Grenade Ammo.

This gun is available in Normal Mode , Customs.


We are now supporting DBNO Swimming, to improve the survivability of players inside water. 

New Creature : CHICKEN

A new creature has been introduced called CHICKEN. 

Map Changes

Custom Match

Five areas of Taego Map has been added in TDM preset for Custom Matches.

New areas are






Arcade Match

Improvements has been made in TDM Taego Map

Places where improvements are done are 



Ranked Mode

Based on the community feedback, adjustment has been made in Taego and Paramo rulesets and spawn tables to better suit the Ranked play experience.

Other Changes 

Many other changes have been done. You can read it from here

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