Spiderman Mode in PUBG : Upcoming Mode Leaks

Upcoming Mode of PUBG Mobile. This mode is collaboration with Marvel's Upcoming movie Spiderman : No Way Home 

Spiderman mode

Special Entry of Spiderman 

An special entry of Spiderman will be shown in game. Spiderman will climb on the plane. This will be some kind of video animation. This will look cool. 

Fight between Spiderman and Villan

There is location in Enangle called Mylta Power. There if land then you can watch the fight between Spiderman and the Villan. This will also look very cool.
There some bots a will also spawn. You can kill them to get some loot. Meanwhile sometimes the Villan will also give damage to you and you have to protect your self from him.

Special Loot 

You will get some special level 3 loot after the fight is over between Spiderman and Villan.

Special Spiderman Suit

With the special loot you will get a Spiderman Suit. This suit will has some special powers of Spiderman. 
Some features will be :
1) Speed Run
2) Web shooting 
3) Armor Durability

So, these were some upcoming leaks of New Spiderman Mode in PUBG which is the collaboration for promotion of upcoming Marvel's movie Spiderman : No Way Home
Sameer Kolhi
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