Who is sniper king in Pubg Mobile?

The best Sniper player of PUBG is award with a title of Sniper King or Sniper God by their fans. Currently many players are running in this race. But do you know who is sniper king of pubg mobile ? I also don't know. 
Let's see who is in the top of this race. 
Sniper king

Full Form of PUBG

Full Form of PUBG is Player Unknown BattleGrounds. 

Who is a Sniper?

A Sniper is a person who uses a Sniper Gun in PUBG. Most popular Sniper Gun in PUBG is AWM , Kar98 , M24 , Mosin Nagant. 
Most of the Sniper Players uses AWM as their primary Sniper Gun.

Who is Sniper King of PUBG Mobile?

BTR Luxxy

Luxxy is the famous Esports player of the world. He is currently playing from Team BTR (Bigetron Red Aliens). 

He lives in Indonesia. 

He has over 1 million subscribers in his YouTube Channel and he has won many of the Pubg Mobile Tournaments. 


Ruppo takes most of his kills in PUBG Mobile with Kar98 and AWM only.

He has over 4 million subscribers in his YouTube  Channel. 

He is so pro that he makes 20 to 30 in every match and also he is very perfect in managing the bullet drops of the Sniper Gun. 


Daljit Singh is one the finest snipers around the globe. He is from India. 

He is a famous YouTuber and Esports Player in India. Currently he plays BGMI after Pubg ban in India and lauched of BGMI. 

He is currently playing from TeamIND. He has handled very high pressure in many big tournaments. 

Athena Gaming

Considered as God of PUBG, Athena Gaming is one of the finest snipers of the world. 

He is from South Korea and he plays PUBG Mobile in IPad. He is a famous YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers in his YouTube Channel. 

The fear to lose his touch with the game restricts him to switch over the phone and compete in various tournaments. Athena has a fan base all over the globe.

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo was the first person to make a trend of Sniping in PUBG Mobile. 

He is from India and plays PUBG Mobile in PC with help of Emulator. After Pubg Mobile ban and lauch of BGMI in India he started playing BGMI. 

He is a famous with over 10 Million subscribers in his YouTube Channel. 

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