10 Best Battle Royale Games to play in India

There is nothing like playing a game, especially when it comes to shooting some crazy weapons at each other, you will have to play this. 

The moment that your friends are about to launch at you, they know how many rounds they need and what weapons they can use and shoot them with, so the entire session is very intense and thrilling. And to top everything off there’s no more fun than shooting guns at people who are not even close to you. 

These games often involve hordes of people around the world who go through terrifying situations in order to get the most out of their weapon.

The best part of these games is the fact that one doesn't want to be involved – they do not want to die but also don't want anyone else to die for them – they just like having fun too and this makes these sorts of games very popular in our country. 

All these reasons made battle royale games such great experiences to me in my gaming experience so far. I am going to look into the best battle royale games that I have played so far and then tell you about my favourite ones.

Now in the beginning I’m going to talk about the first three of the 10 “Best Battle Royale Games”. Firstly we have F.Q by EA which was released in 2014. It was an amazing shooter and one that has been downloaded millions of times. 

You could play as a character of the enemy team, or with other special characters like Zombies or Ninja Warriors. This one has given me so much in terms of entertainment and one of the best things that came with battles.

Next but not least is PUBG Mobile where you can play against teams of players from different countries fighting together in order to win money. 

What really impressed me is that they included cross platform features and allowed you to play with both Xbox One and PlayStation consoles. So if you're playing online you can still play PS4, PC or console. You can be on mobile and still enjoy the action you want.

And last but not least is Red Dead Redemption 2 which was released in 2015 and is a pretty good game and comes highly recommended by many gamers. 

If you like gunplay there's a lot of different classes to choose from including Survival, Shooter, Fast Action, Escape and Combat. The story line here definitely keeps you interested and it can be hard to finish as the main narrative will continue for years and its storyline will vary from person to person. 

They say the best games are those which are easy enough to complete, follow along, are able to take you to new worlds and even make you laugh as well as taking you to parts of the game where you probably wouldn't expect. 

On the downside there is little replay value, but there's plenty for people who love replays so that makes me recommend all the listed above as the best Battle Royale Game.

So now onto the next few best battle royale games that I've played so far. Firstly we have Titanfall where you can challenge yourself and your teammates’ enemies in various ways from building skyscrapers and capturing points to destroying buildings and blowing up entire cities with explosives. 

We had two huge maps which were completely unplayable. But that was before we got to Clash Royale in 2017 and since then they've added better versions of the original titles that are free to download on Steam and Xbox.

With that being said we have Fortnite and Roblox. Though they didn't reach the same heights with Battle Royale but they did create a whole brand new type of matchmaking. That being said both of these games have their flaws. Many people think Fortnite is overrated or Roblox is underrated and I don't see either of these being true. Both of these games are fantastic and will leave you wanting to play again.

Sameer Kolhi
By : Sameer Kolhi
Hey there! My name is Sameer Kohli, a professional Web Designer, Graphic Designer, UI / UX Designer as well as Content Creator. I love to Code and create interesting things while playing with it.

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