5 best active character abilities in Free Fire MAX as of March 2022

When it comes to powerful characters in Free Fire MAX, those with active abilities are usually the strongest. Although their abilities cannot be used passively, they more than make up for it with their utility. 

While there are many to choose from in-game, a few of them stand out in every way possible. They are considered the best, and most professional players use them in every match.

Characters that possess some of the best active abilities in Free Fire MAX 

5) A124

A124 is an experienced battle droid in Free Fire MAX. Her ability, Thrill of Battle, allows the user to recover HP effortlessly. Once activated, 60 EP will be converted to HP within four seconds. 

Although this ability is powerful and has a low cooldown time, users should not solely rely on it during combat. Medkits and inhalers should be collected as a contingency plan.

4) Dimitri

Dimitri's love for music has allowed him to harness its healing potential in combat. His ability, Healing Heartbeat, heals the user for 3 HP every second. However, the main utility of this ability is that it allows downed allies to self-revive in combat.

With a low cooldown time of 60 seconds and a duration of 15 seconds, this ability is very useful in team fights. Players can focus on engaging their opponents in battle instead of rushing to revive fallen teammates.

3) Skyler

Skyler has one job in Free Fire MAX: destroying gloo walls. His ability, Riptide Rhythm, allows him to accomplish what bullets and explosives cannot. Once activated, a sonic wave moves forward and destroys five gloo walls in its path.

As an additional feature, users can even heal using a gloo wall. Simply by placing one, a player can recover a sizable amount of HP within a few seconds. This allows them to hold out against an enemy's attack for longer.

2) Xayne

Xayne is a specialized character in Free Fire MAX who excels at destroying gloo walls and shields. When her Xtreme Encounter ability is activated, the user can inflict 130% damage to gloo walls and shields.

Additionally, the user also gains 80 HP temporality, allowing them to rush the enemy without much trouble. After being used, the ability takes 100 seconds to cool down.

1) DJ Alok

When it comes to characters with powerful active abilities, DJ Alok is the best choice in-game. His ability, Drop The Beat, provides two benefits to players. When activated, it heals those within a certain radius for 5 HP per second. As a bonus ability, those within the radius receive a 15% agility boost for 10 seconds. Once used, the ability takes 45 seconds to cool down. He is by far the best character for squad matches in Free Fire MAX.   GET Imagz

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