5 BGMI tips to use smoke grenades and other utility items in classic mode

Developed by Krafton, BGMI provides several in-game items that elevate the players' battle royale experience. 

Amongst the various items present in the game that players can use in the battlegrounds, the use of utilities have risen in popularity due to their effectiveness. 

Players can choose from fighting utilities like frag grenades, smoke grenades, and molotov cocktails, as well health utilities like bandages, adrenaline syringes, med kits, first aids, energy drinks, and painkillers. 

However, they must learn how to make proper use of them.

5 best BGMI tips to use utilities efficiently in Classic mode matches

1) Use smoke grenades to create a temporary cover

Smoke grenades can be used to create a temporary cover in classic and custom matches in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

While getting shot, players can toss a couple of smoke grenades to confuse the enemy of their location and heal themselves by staying in the cover. 

They can also create a temporary smoke path while moving from one place to another.

2) Use smoke grenades to restrict enemy vision

In crunch situations, players can hurl a few smoke grenades before the enemy's location to blur their vision. This strategy has been successfully used to great effect by the BGMI esports players. Doing this will enable the players to change their position, away from the enemy's view.

3) Throw Molotov Cocktails to burn opponents or restrict their movement

Molotov Cocktails were buffed up a few months back, which resulted in an increase in its damage dealing capacity. 

Molotov Cocktails, if thrown correctly, can burn opponents easily, eliminating them from the matches. Furthermore, while rushing into a compound or in the end zones, the utility can be used to restrict enemy movement.

4) Throw frag grenades to knock down enemies in a cover

Frag grenades have the power to knock down enemies who have situated themselves in a compound or behind a solid cover. 

Since bullets cannot penetrate solid covers, frag grenades when thrown properly using the timer can help players pick up more kills in matches.

5) Keep enough health utilities to heal outside the zone

Several instances arise during matches where BGMI players are forced to indulge in a fight outside the safe zone. 

This results in them losing their health due to the damage dealt by the opponents and by the blue zone damage. 

Keeping enough utilities will help them heal outside the zone and progress further into the matches.

Sameer Kolhi
By : Sameer Kolhi
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