Five GTA 5 characters who may return in GTA 6

Don't be surprised to see GTA 5 characters make an appearance in GTA 6. Rockstar Games loves to make callbacks to previous games. 

GTA 5 saw the return of several GTA 4 characters, who ended up relocating from Liberty City to Los Santos. The same will likely happen in the upcoming game. Expect to see a few characters move out in the very near future.

Reputed leaker Tom Henderson believes that GTA 6 will be held in Vice City. With that in mind, the following article will operate under that assumption. 

Many players already believe that Vice City is long overdue an HD overhaul. Although nothing is set in stone, this location would make perfect sense.

Five GTA 5 characters who could potentially show up in GTA 6

1) Castro Lagano

Admittedly, this is not the most exciting choice for a GTA 5 return. Castro was a minor character who liked to play golf.

Keep in mind that Vice City is primarily based off Miami. Golf is a very popular sport in the state of Florida. If Vice City does return in the next game, Rockstar will likely add golf courses to various beach resorts. 

Castro could easily make a cameo appearance in GTA 6. Remember that Rockstar loves to bring minor characters back into the fold. One example is GTA 5's Tao Cheng, who returned in GTA Online's Diamond Casino update.

2) Paige Harris

Paige is an expert hacker who makes herself available for heist missions. This core gameplay element will likely return to GTA 6, given its overall popularity with the fanbase. This gives Paige the opportunity to show up again. Back in GTA 5, players could pick their own heist team from a specific lineup. At least one of these characters was from a previous game, that being Patrick McReary from GTA 4. Paige could fulfill the same role that Patrick did as a returning character. 

She mainly works in the shadows, so it's not like she has to appear that often.

3) Cris Formage

Best known for his work with the Epsilon Program, the cult leader made his debut back in GTA San Andreas, taking part in a radio program. However, he didn't make a physical appearance until GTA 5. 

Epsilon is a clear parody of Scientology, whose global headquarters can be found in the state of Florida. With that in mind, Vice City will likely have a larger presence with the Epsilon Program. It wouldn't be surprising to see Cris Formage again.

4) Lamar Davis

Ever since the Contract DLC for GTA Online, Lamar has been steadily growing his business. LD Organics is likely to rise within the next few years, given his successful campaigns. This would give him an excuse to travel outside of Los Santos and spread word of his business.

1) Michael De Santa

Former protagonists often make cameos in later games. Michael De Santa is now a big movie producer with a lot of money to sit on. There isn't anything preventing him from shooting a film in Vice City. He has the perfect excuse to make a grand entrance in GTA 6, even for a minor cameo.

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