5 reasons why DJ Alok is the most popular character in Free Fire MAX

When it comes to selecting characters in Free Fire MAX, no one is more popular than DJ Alok. Despite being in the game for so many years, fans are yet to get bored of him. His reputation precedes him, and it's the dream of every player to have the character in their loadout.

While his popularity can somewhat be attributed to his connection to real-life DJ Alok, it's primarily due to the character.

Five reasons why DJ Alok is probably the most popular character in Free Fire MAX 

1) Easy to use

DJ Alok's ability is one of the easiest to use and understand in Free Fire MAX. Unlike abilities that have certain prerequisites or requirements, his ability is straightforward. Even beginners who are new to the game can jump in and use his ability without much training or guidance.

2) Powerful ability

Apart from being easy to understand, DJ Alok has one of the most potent abilities in-game. His "Drop The Beat" can heal allies within a certain radius and provide a speed buff at the same time.

This two-in-one ability grants a lot of utility to players in-game. Given its low cool-down time, it can be used frequently.

3) Self-reliant in combat

DJ Alok can hold his own in combat in the truest of senses. Even if a player does not use other abilities in conjunction with Alok's "Drop The Beat," the character is still powerful on his own. 

Additionally, being able to heal reduces the dependency on medkits and other healing items during the match.

4) Flexible playstyle

DJ Alok can be used flexibly in-game, given how powerful the ability is. Players can use this character aggressively or defensively if the need arises. 

Even though his ability is more tailored-made for a defensive playstyle, an aggressive build can be achieved with the right combination of abilities.

5) Great for team fights

DJ Alok is the backbone of every team. With his ability to heal everyone within a radius, his talents are unmatched in-game. His ability replenishes 5 HP/seconds at the max level and provides a 15% speed boost. 

With careful planning and execution, the squad could make it to the end zones with ease.

Sameer Kolhi
By : Sameer Kolhi
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