5 Locations to get Multiple Web-Shooters in Erangel

In January’s 1.8 Update, the fan-favorite Spider-Man made its presence in BGMI. Players have flocked to the game in droves to try out the new web-head-themed mode, which is only available in Erangel and Livik.

Because the former is the most popular map, it attracts a large number of Battlegrounds Mobile India players. Web-shooters are Spider-Man special abilities that BGMI users can find within boxes across both levels, allowing them to gain an advantage over their opponents during fights.

5 Erangel Cities You Should visit to Get multiple Spider-Man Web-Shooters

1) Rozhok

Rozhok is located to the north of the School. Squads are frequently seen dropping in to get their hands on the city’s many Spider-Man Web-Shooters. The three-story building on the higher northern ridge or the modest cottage in the center of the city is the two options for players.

2) Yasnaya Polyana

Yasnaya Polyana is one of Erangel‘s largest cities, located on the map’s eastern edge. Multiple Spider-Man web-shooters are scattered throughout the facility. While the city church and restaurant each have two web-shooters, the fifth is located in the city’s western residences.

3) Georgopol Crates

Georgopol Crates is one of Erangel‘s most popular drop zones. Users can travel to the city to obtain a variety of Spider-Man Web-Shooters. One may be found hanging on the wall of the northern warehouse, while the other two are hidden within open boxes across the area.

4) Mylta

Mylta has become a popular location in themed mode games as players rush to the city in search of Spider-Man Web-Shooters. There could be up to Three Web-Shooters. Two more web-shooters may be located in the three-story residences, one of which is in the barn house.

5) Pochinki

In BGMI, Pochinki is another city with many Spider-Man Web-Shooters. There are a few houses with two roofs that feature these. A web-shooter can be found in both the tunnel and the squad house.

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