Claim Your Free Aurora Audiobomb Loot Box in Gerena Freefire

Garena is regularly adding new events to Free Fire, which has become a crucial component of the game. They offer players a fantastic opportunity to obtain a multitude of free gifts in the process.

Loot box

The Squad Beatz campaign has arrived in the game after the conclusion of ‘She Plays Free Fire.’ 

The developers have created a number of events based on it, and a variety of goods, ranging from a costume bundle to a loot box skin, can be obtained.

Details Regarding Obtaining Free Rewards

Squad Beatz Top-Up

Squad Beatz Top-Up began on the 3rd of February and will continue for a few more days. They have the option of choosing between two different skins: Motor Bike (Purple Rev) & Gloo Wall (Aurora Core).

They are required to purchase a certain amount of diamonds –

  • Motor Bike – Purple Rev: Top-up 100 Diamonds
  • Gloo Wall – Aurora Core: Top-up 300 Diamonds

Aftermatch Drop

For playing matches in Free Fire, the Aftermatch Drop event rewards players with the unique ‘BEATz Token – Ruby.’ The details are as follows:

  • 3x BEATz Token – Ruby (5x on Peak Day – 12 February) if you play Battle Royale or Clash Squad
  • 2x BEATz Token – Ruby (3x on Peak Day – February 12) when you play Lone Wolf.

Beatz Daily Mission

The ‘BEATz Token – Ruby’ may be obtained via both the Beatz Daily Mission and the Aftermatch Drop. They are refreshed every day, and in order to earn the tokens, users must complete the developers’ stipulated tasks.

Travel Mission

Travel Mission is an event in Free Fire that awards players with the Aurora Audiobomb Loot Box. To obtain it and the other gifts, players must go a specified distance in the game:

  • Travel 5000 meters: Gold Royale Voucher + 5x BEATz Token – Ruby
  • Travel 10000 meters: Diamond Royale Voucher + 5x BEATz Token – Ruby
  • Travel 20000 meters: Aurora Audiobomb Loot Box + 5x BEATz Token – Rub

Gem Shuffle

Gem Shuffle is a one-of-a-kind web event that has made its way into Free Fire, and it requires the BEATz Token – Ruby to participate. As a result, individuals can gather stars and obtain Drone Supply incentives for free.

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