Free Fire Gold Draw Event : Get Rare Gun Skins for Free This Week

The Free Fire Squad Beatz Event is approaching its climax today, and the creators have added even additional activities for players, including the Gold Draw. They may be able to obtain uncommon gun skin trials as a result of the new occurrence. The Gold Draw, unlike previous sub-events, does not require players to complete a sequence of quests. To acquire free prizes, gamers must utilize gold rather than diamonds. During the first five days of the event, a new grand prize will be added.

Gun skin trials by Free Fire Gold Draw Event

The Gold Draw will be open to Free Fire players starting on February 12th, and they will be able to spend gold to gain gifts until February 20th. The cost of spinning a wheel starts at 500 gold and gradually rises until it reaches its highest maximum, 1500 gold. Users will be able to make 10+1 spins (for a total of 11) once the cost has been raised to the specified level, which will cost them 15000 gold.

List of Prize Pool Prizes

The following list contains the prizes currently available in the prize pool:

  1. M60 – Spirited Overseers
  2. M1887 – Aqua Burst (7d)
  3. Thompson – Thrash Metallic (7d)
  4. XM8 – Abyssal (7d)
  5. G18 – Ice Bones (3d)
  6. M500 – Fire Bones (3d)
  7. M1873 – Ice Bones (3d)
  8. USP – Fire Bones (3d)
  9. MAG-7 – Hurricane Delivery (3d)
  10. M82B – Hurricane Delivery (3d)
  11. AN94 – Hurricane Delivery (3d)
  12. VSS – Hurricane Delivery (3d)
  13. Woodpecker – Superstar (3d)
  14. M249 – Superstar (3d)
  15. SAPAS 12 – Superstar (3d)
  16. Vector – Superstar (3d)
  17. Desert Eagle – Cosmic Bounty (3d)
  18. G18 – Cosmic Bounty Hunter (3d)
  19. Parafal – Cosmic Bounty Hunter (3d)
  20. Woodpecker – Cosmic Bounty Hunter (3d)
  21. AUG – Party Animal (3d)
  22. Woodpecker – Party Animal (3d)
  23. M500 – Party Animal (3d)
  24. SCAR – Party Animal (3d)
  25. M79 – Master of Minds (3d)
  26. MP5 – Master of Minds (3d)
  27. SKS – Master of Minds (3d)
  28. M4A1 – Master of Minds (3d)
  29. XM8 – Game Streamer (3d)
  30. AN94 – Game Streamer (3d)
  31. M1014 – Game Streamer (3d)
  32. M14 – Game Streamer (3d)
  33. FAMAS – Private Eye (3d)
  34. UMP – Private Eye (3d)
  35. VSS – Private Eye (3d)
  36. AK47 – Private Eye (3d)
  37. FAMAS – KPOP Stardom (3d)
  38. UMP – KPOP Stardom (3d)
  39. MGL140 – KPOP Stardom (3d)
  40. KAR98K – KPOP Stardom (3d)

Steps to Get Free Gun Skins

To get Rewards from the new Free Fire Web Event, follow these steps: 

Step 1: The Squad Beatz event interface can be accessed by clicking the symbol in the top right corner.

Step 2: Then, Players can tap on the Gold Draw Section to access the unique web event interface. 

Step 3: Then, spending gold, players can spin as many times as they like to earn the gun skins. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Free Fire users, as things are rarely provided for gold. Also, even if people try to buy these gun skins through the store’s loot crates, they’re quite expensive.

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