GTA VI : Rockstar Should Bring Back 5 Characters from Earlier GTA Games

In the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Rockstar Games has produced some of the most memorable characters. Many fans, however, disagree about which of these heroes and villains should return in GTA 6. 

With so many interesting characters in the GTA game, it may be difficult for fans to pick just a few that deserve to be seen again. 

This essay aims to assist some gamers in making that choice. This article will discuss five characters from past Grand Theft Auto games who fans believe should return in GTA 6.

5 Characters GTA 6 Should Bring Back

1. Claude

Claude was the first 3D protagonist to allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in the universe of Grand Theft Auto. He is thought to have been born in 1976, making him around 25 years old in Grand Theft Auto 3. 

If Claude appears in GTA 6, he should only be in his 40s, similar to Michael or Trevor from GTA 5. Fans of the franchise would give anything to see and hear Claude for the first time in almost 20 years.

2. Niko Bellic

Niko Bellic was born in Yugoslavia in 1978, making him 44 years old today. He is the sole European protagonist in the franchise, and everyone who remembers him from GTA 4 loves him. 

There’s no reason why Niko can’t return in the next game, perhaps as a high-ranking European criminal in a Liberty City environment.

3. Donald Love

Donald Love originally appears in GTA 3 in 2001, and then in GTA Vice City as a younger man. Donald is thought to have been born about 1960, while his actual age is uncertain. If he reappears in GTA 6, he will be in his early to mid-60s, which is not too old. 

Donald Love was one of the most powerful media moguls in all of the Grand Theft Auto games. In GTA 5, he was even given a star on the Walk of Fame. 

Love Media would make sense to reappear in the future game, with Donald sitting at the head of the table, handing out missions.

4. Kent Paul

Kent Paul was 21 years old when he first appeared in GTA Vice City as the manager of the rock band Love Fist. 

If he were to return to GTA 6 in any capacity, he would be in his late 50s, having been born in 1965. Any GTA fan knows that a character like Paul, who works in the music industry and is surrounded by parties and drugs, will be up to his old tricks. 

Kent Paul is thought to be a humorous cameo character in the latest game in the series by fans.

5. Zero

Zero, CJ’s nerdy friend who made the RC Barron Mission possible in GTA San Andreas, was a favorite among GTA San Andreas fans. 

Zero was born in 1964, making him 40 years old when he first appeared in Grand Theft Auto. This means he would only be in his late 50s if he reappeared in GTA 6

Given that Zero isn’t much older than two of GTA 5’s protagonists, players see no reason why he can’t return. He might even be a huge tech entrepreneur by now, which would fit right in with the new game.

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