Radio Station Genres GTA 6 fans would love to see

GTA 6 has been in development limbo for quite some time. Fans finally got the news they longed for as Rockstar finally confirmed that the game is in development. 

Radio Station Genres GTA 6 fans would love to see

The games in the series have all been huge. No matter how unique a gamer's tastes are, there is something for everyone in these games. 

The music in the series has long been a fan favorite, with the music in each title leaving a mark on the fans. But radio is what keeps gamers groovy in-game. 

There have been no official comments made about the radio in the upcoming game. However, there were several leaks making their rounds around the web. {alertWarning}

This article talks about the Radio Station genres fans would like to see in the next game.

Radio Station genres GTA 6 fans would love to see 

1) Metal Head Radio

Music genres in GTA games, as far as the radio is concerned, have been plentiful. The fifth edition of the game featured almost 32 hours of music on the radio. 

Metal is a genre gamers want to see return to the upcoming title. The grungy, loud, and distortion-heavy tracks also feature blood-pumping leads. 

Classical metal music has always been a favorite and is a thrill to listen to while fans drive in a stolen cop car.

2) Synthpop

A-ha's Take On Me has truly taken over the world, more so in recent times. The song can be classified under synthpop. 

GTA gamers were introduced to this genre in Vice City as the music was really peppy and catchy. The upbeat songs are fun to blast in the background while doing races, PvP, etc.

3) Alternative Hip-Hop/Dance

As far as groovy beats go, alternative hip-hop and dance have pretty much got it sorted. Something in line with the Flylofm and Underground Radio would be cool in GTA 6. 

The beats really keep the spirits high, and the drop doesn't need words to describe how awesome it is.

4) Classic Rock

Classic Rock will never fade away. There are magical numbers out there that just click. There are so many bands, artists, and tracks out there that not finding a classic rock song to like is impossible. 

Bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc., should all be included in the upcoming title without a doubt.

5) Pop/Dance Pop

Pop music is by far the most popular type of music out there. The songs are upbeat and very easy to remember. 

Redditor u/International_Dig564 mentions the OG Backstreet Boys. Modern pop includes artists like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and more. This is a never gonna let you down kind of genre. GTA 6 will be incomplete without a solid pop radio station. Note: The article reflects the writer's own views.

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