How to add Anti AdBlocker in Blogger?

Hello Friends, Welcome back to GAME ADDA WORLD. Today on this occasion I am going to explain how you can add Anti AdBlocker to your Blogger Website. 

Anti AdBlocker is very necessary to put in your website if you want to protect and maximise your earnings.

What is a AdBlocker?

AdBlocker is some what a type of script or program that stops the Ads to load in the websites. The user uses to AdBlocker so that Ads does not load in the website and internet consumption reduces and that so websites loads faster. 

Some useful AdBlocker

Here is a list of Adblocker which is mostly used by the user in their devices.

  • Adguard
  • Adblocker Ultimate
  • AdBlock
  • Brave Browser for PC & Mobile

How AdBlockers affect the website owners?

When a user uses a AdBlocker in browser to stop the ads to load then it decreases the earning of website owners. If the website had put ads on his website for his earnings and the user uses adblocker then the ads will not load and website owner will not get the impressions and clicks on the ads. 

This is very painful when a creator does so much hardwork to provide content to his users and in return he does not get anything in return. 

That's why website owners uses Anti AdBlocker in their website so that users does use Adblockers in their website and kill their earnings.

How does Anti AdBlocker works?

Anti Adblocker is a type of script which is put in website to stop the AdBlocker present in the browser. Anti AdBlocker gets activated when script finds that AdBlocker is present in the browser. 

Anti AdBlocker does not allow the user to access the content present in the website until the user turn off the AdBlocker.

How to add Anti AdBlocker Script in Blogger website?

Let's see how you can add Anti AdBlocker in your website present in Blogger.

Step 1: Login to your Blogger 

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