Protect yourself from getting opted out of adsense

1- View the number of your visits and visitors to your site. * Through the reports in the Google Adsense account, you can find out the highest percentage of clicks that appear in the links that appear in the activity using this form * Use Google Analytics to obtain detailed information about your website visitors and watch for any suspicious behavior again.

2- Avoid entering into partnerships with unreliable, low-quality entities. * Be careful if you buy traffic by entering into a partnership with ad networks, search engines, or low-quality directories sites with the aim of increasing the number of visits to your site, as most of these sites send you fake visits despite their appearance that appears real, so if you want to buy, By monitoring the visits received to your ads by integrating the Adsense account with the Google statistics account to monitor the sources of visits

3- Do not click on your ads or exchange clicks and views * As we said at the beginning of the article, you are prohibited from clicking on your ads, even if unintentionally, and do not motivate and encourage anyone to click on your ads. If you are interested in advertising, then search for the advertisers page or write the advertiser's URL.

Don't underestimate it Because Google Adsense, when filtering and analyzing clicks on your ads, if you find that you are clicking on your ads, you may disable your account in order to preserve the advertiser’s costs and protect his money.

4- Do not open the video over and over again, because this leads to repeated appearance of the advertisement And thus increasing the cost for advertisers, so if you come across an advertisement on your videos, then skip it, because it is known that there are CPM ads and CPC ads Comparison between CPM ads and Pay-per-click (CPC) ads But if you have already made any of these mistakes, and the AdSense account has already been suspended and ads have been disabled in your blog, channel, or application, then you must use this form, which is the form to appeal the suspension of the account due to invalid advertising activity


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